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James Chiswell Jones & Jonathan Fairhead, Directors of Flare Software


Between us, we’d racked up quite a few decades of experience, working for Apple, BBC, Motorola, HM Prisons and the NHS amongst a host of others, honing our skills as Claris FileMaker specialists. Enough time to make us realise that what makes us happy is the stuff that keeps other people awake at night: coming up with great ways to resolve business process problems. 

So, we founded Flare Software in the South West of England and based ourselves in Weston-super-Mare near Bristol.

We’re driven by the desire to make the world of business a better place, one process at a time. We use Claris FileMaker to resolve the problems that hold businesses back. It’s like a go-fast stripe of substance: we make things simpler, faster and more cost-effective through carefully considered, bespoke, software solutions.

Finally, we are friendly people who delight in building great, long-lasting relationships with our clients – for many of them, we’ve become a natural extension of their internal team. We like that.



James started his career in IT in 1992 after graduating from Filton College in Computer Science. He has worked for the Further Education Development Agency, Motorola, the BBC and Apple and co-founded Flare Software in 2000. He started using FileMaker in 1991 and has been a commercial Claris FileMaker developer since 1998.

James Chiswell Jones


Jon has worked in the private sector, including financial, hardware manufacturing & telecommunications and in the public sector, including the Royal Signals, HM Prisons and the NHS. He has worked at Flare Software since 2007 and is a certified Claris FileMaker developer.

Jonathan Fairhead
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