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Claris FileMaker Licensing

We answer some of the most frequently asked questions about how the Claris FileMaker Licensing model works.

Squaring the Circle

How Flare Software and Claris FileMaker can solve your business problems and get you running an efficient service.

Accessing Office Data Remotely

How can you access your data when you can't access the server? Offline syncing with 360Works MirrorSync and Flare Software, that's how.

Berlin and dotfmp 2022

So dotfmp 2022 in Berlin has drawn to a close. The Flare Software development team were released upon the world and had a great time - it...

How Do We Create Software?

We discuss how we create software for your business using Claris FileMaker.

Calendars Within FileMaker Part Two

The 2nd part in our blog about calendars within FileMaker and how they can improve your business.

Calendars Within FileMaker Part One

The first blog in a discussion about software calendars that could suit your business.

FileMaker Easy Progress Bar

Easy Progress bars from within Claris FileMaker.

FileMaker and Web Database Integration

One thing we're asked to do a lot of here at igeek is to make FileMaker software talk to websites. Or rather, specifically, talk to the...

5 must-do's when developing for FileMaker

I've been creating FileMaker databases and creating software for over 20 years, in that time I've picked up a trick or two to make...

Copying Value Lists in FileMaker

There may come a time when you need to copy a Value List from a database so that you can use it in another, and since FileMaker haven't...

Integrating FileMaker with Email part 2

On my last post I talked about sending email from FileMaker using FileMaker's built in 'send Mail' script step, so now I'll cover using...

Integrating FileMaker with Email part 1

When developing a FileMaker system. it's often useful to send or receive email so you can do things like; - Send automated messages -...

FileMaker Go

Apple are leading the way, both in smartphones and in tablet computing. Everyone and their wife seems to be sporting one of these devices...

Why use Claris FileMaker in 2022?

So what is FileMaker? FileMaker, or to name it fully, Claris FileMaker Pro, is an application that allows the creation of relational...

Case Study ~ Delivery Company

Company X ~ 50+ employees / hundreds of clients Let’s imagine a business called Company X that delivers milk, fruit and other consumables...

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