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Claris FileMaker and GPS Mapping

FileMaker Go is the iOS version of Claris FileMaker which is to say that FMGo allows you to access FileMaker databases on an iOS device such as an iPhone or iPad (sorry Android users but FMGO is an iOS app only). There are some limitations with FMGo, most of which are to do with the constraints imposed by the unique nature of phones and tablets however, most functionality available on a desktop computer using FileMaker is available via FMGo and there are even some cool features which are specific to mobile devices that can’t be replicated on a desktop. Swings and roundabouts.

One of these unique to iPhone features, is the built in GPS - this means that FileMaker Go can interrogate the GPS built into the phone and obtain those important Longitude and Latitude coordinates which are essential for mapping a location. This means that as a Claris FMGo user, you can record your precise location at any given moment, a secure that information in your database. Why even look for a dedicated GOS device and concern yourself with extracting the GPS data when there's a large market for secondhand iPhones - devices which are already able to make use of of Claris FileMaker via FMGo?

So, if you want to map a location or even a route that's been taken and get the coordinates into your database, Claris FileMaker Go could be an excellent fit. FMGo can also extract the GPS data taken form a photograph, presuming it was taken on a mobile phone which can open up even more possibilities if your business is involved with photograph mapping.

Closing Notes

If you’re running a small or medium sized organisation, there's little doubt that the FileMaker platform has the power and flexibility to run your business operation better. If you have any queries about using GPS mapping from within FileMaker and need bespoke software support, then Flare Software are here to help you get it right. So do yourself (and your colleagues!) a favour and contact us for your free consultation - let us show you how we can help.

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