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Accessing Office Data Remotely

It's easy to think that with mobile phone technology and signal coverage that we'll always have access to our data no matter where we are. But sadly, this simply isn't the case. Sure, it doesn't take much to imagine that the signal quality could drop out in the countryside but even in major cities, there are black spots and mobile no-go zones. So how can you access your data if you spend time in and around areas where mobile coverage and network connectivity is limited, slow and unreliable?

If you could store a copy of your software data on your mobile device (think iPhone, iPad or notebook computer) then you could use your software completely offline. Just because you're offline, you could still edit, create, delete and run all of the expected facilities available to you in the office on a desktop but because there would be no need to communicate with the hosting sever, it should run quicker than in via a physical network. But how would your changes make their way to the main server?

Remote Working

How About Lots Of Users?

Syncing software is more concerned with devices than users but in any case, the software can cope with multiple offline and online users so whether your team is entirely mobile or if you only have a few offline users, the syncing software can handle it all.

Of course, it all comes down to how clever your syncing software is and that's where we hand control over to specialist syncing software, namely MirrorSync by 360Works.


The MirrorSync software is the syncing software which we recommend to any of our customers who require an offline syncing solution that simply works. Check out some of its features:

• Offline syncing via iPad, iPhone and notebook computer

• Fast syncing speeds because it uses HTTP web communication to transfer data, without any FileMaker scripts.

• No guest access allows rapid connection from mobile device to server when a sync is initiated.

• Sync with multiple servers.

• Extremely fast checks when detecting when data has changed - it all runs on your server so it's as fast as it can get.

• Can communicate with a variety of database protocols and standards.

• Easy to add new licences for new mobile devices and you only need to pay for the services you require.

Software in motion

Closing Notes

At Flare Software, we can integrate MirrorSync into your database and provide you with a truly flexible software solution that will allow you access and control of your data, wherever your business takes you. Give us a call and we'll talk you through how a MirrorSync solution with Flare Software could well be the answer to your business software problems.

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