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Berlin and dotfmp 2022

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

So dotfmp 2022 in Berlin has drawn to a close. The Flare Software development team were released upon the world and had a great time - it was too short and the time flew by but that's what happens when you're having fun, even when it's fun with a large group of software geeks :)


What is DotFMP?

It's a conference, in Berlin, where almost 100 software developers can get together and talk about software, networks, security and development of FileMaker and Claris products. Attendees have the opportunity of making a presentation to the group about some aspect of their work which may prove insightful and interesting to the other developers. It has a very welcoming, open and relaxed atmosphere, quite unlike other software conferences which can be very dry and formal. There's always an underlying heartbeat of chaos at dotfmp which keeps it fun and fresh. To give you an example, it's been referred to as the "The pan-European Unconference for FileMaker Developers".

Who Attended?

We did of course! Along with over 70 other developers, from all over the world (I believe that developers from more than 20 countries attended). Pretty impressive from such a small community of Claris developers. We were also very fortunate for a number of key staff from within Claris itself were able to attend via Zoom. Peter Nelson, Andrew Lecates, Robert Holsey and Wes - all important players within the Claris HQ were able to visit and provide us with a light overview of the direction Claris intends to take with its FileMaker products. The next few month should prove to be quite exciting for us developers as new software updates are released and, hopefully, an entirely new product. Personally, I think that it would have been wonderful if Claris had a sent a representative of their team to Berlin but it's quite an ask, even if as developers, we provide Claris with such a huge resource ;)


Who Organises It?

Egbert Friedrich and no doubt a few others behind the scenes. Egbert is a great guy and someone, not just with a love of developing software but also someone with a passion for brining like minded people together and helping them to share, learn and network. dotfmp is always a fantastic achievement especially now that it's in its 10th year (or so).

What presentations did you attend?

Managing large FileMaker projects… an approach that works for us presented by Joris Aarts and Katia Royer. A very information look at how they manage a large team of developers in what looks to be a monumental project.

How to build a free FM Powered API and web hook presented by the transcendental Charles Delfs.

Claris Studio's Implications for the Future of FMP Development presented by Chris Moyer.

Calendar integration feedback, track events with FileMaker, FullCalendar, 360 Works Zulu and Google Calendar presented by Yann Liqueur-Salzédo.

Claris Studio Workshop-interactive presented by Heidi Porter.

Digital Signing or e-Signing of Document presented by Johan Hedman.

Printing in a vertical solution presented by Philipp Puls.

More Free Stuff presented by Charles Delfs.

MBS Plugin Q&A presented by the most excellent Christian Schmitz.

Embrace the Chaos presented by Damian Kelly.

Claris Products in-depth Under the hood Q & A presented by Peter Nelson, Andrew Lecates, Robert Holsey and Wes.

Where Was It?

At the Schankhalle Pfefferberg - a really great venue with a hard working and very attendant team of staff. Top marks for the food and service :) Flare Software can certainly recommend it.

Schankhalle Pfefferberg

And how can we not mention the Pratergarten?!? After a day of talking about software, you need a night of drinking beer and ... talking about software :) If you're in Berlin, do yourself a favour and pay this wonderful place a visit. You won't be disappointed.


When will it happen next?

1st to 3rd of June 2023. Can't wait!

I'll take this last opportunity to thanks Egbert and his team and all of the donators and guest speakers for all of their efforts - as always, it's very much appreciated.

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