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Calendars Within FileMaker Part Two

So you're interested in getting calendar events into your office software, specifically, into your FileMaker database. How can you go about that, what are the options and what will it costs? I've already provided an overview of calendars within Filemaker here but now I'll go into your options with a little more detail.

Claris FileMaker Calendar Add-On

The FileMaker Calendar add-on creates a calendar facility within an existing FileMaker database. Although the Calendar add-on is provided freely by Claris (it's actually part of FileMaker 19), it is recommended that database integration is performed by a dedicated FileMaker developer. At Flare Software, we would expect to be able to do this within half a day, depending on your specific requirements which we're happy to discuss with you.


• View your calendar data per event or in day, week or month views.

• Drag and drop meetings.

• Run automated tasks and scripts.


• An inexpensive way to add, view, edit, delete calendar events within your database.


• Doesn't integrate with other calendar apps such as Google Calendars and Microsoft Outlook.

360Works Zulu Calendar

Zulu is a third party calendar facility provided by 360Works who specialise in all manner of FileMaker apps and add-ons. We have used a number of 360Works products and can heartily recommend them as being amongst the best available and this recommendation goes for Zulu calendar as well. With Zulu you can add a fully integrated and feature rich calendar to your FileMaker database and, via your FileMaker server, sync with iOS calendars, Google Calendars, Exchange / Office 365 calendars and turn your FileMaker server into a shared calendar server.


• Integrate / sync calendars with iOS, Google and Exchange / Office 365.

• Alarms within iOS, location based reminders and notifications.

• Add, view, edit, delete calendar events from your mobile with no risk of multi-user conflicts.


• Full integration / syncing between the core calendar apps and FileMaker.

• Expected functionality and intuitive interface.

• Free demo version available.


• Requires a FileMaker developer and so extra setup costs.

• Initial charges for the software (excluding configuration costs) start at around £350 with possible additional yearly charges.

Closing Notes

There are so many great calendar apps available for iOS devices - the default iOS calendar, Fantastical, Calendars 5 and many more. Configuring your FileMaker database to utilise calendar data can enable you to access your work events from any of these apps on your iPhone and iPad and start processing your calendar data in a manner to which you are accustomed.

So there you have it - two calendar options for FileMaker which we can recommend for your existing FileMaker software solution. That's two options for different settings and different budgets. Why not get in touch and we can discuss exactly how a calendar within your FileMaker database can help your business become more efficient, more effective and more productive.

At Flare Software, we don't create generic off-the-shelf software, instead we design customised database solutions which are tailored to meet your business requirements. We can write software for Mac Os, Windows PC, iPad and iPhone, in standalone, networked and cloud environments. We may be based in the South West of the UK but we can design and produce software for any business, anywhere in the UK and abroad.

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