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Case Study ~ Delivery Company

Updated: May 6, 2022

Company X ~ 50+ employees / hundreds of clients Let’s imagine a business called Company X that delivers milk, fruit and other consumables to offices in the UK. Company X’s clients are varied but typically are based in cities and have weekly milk / fruit deliveries. Boxes of fruit, chosen by the client, along with tea, coffee, milk and bread - all of the usual daily fundamentals - are sent out on daily deliveries in refrigerated vans. Company X must be very flexible in how they offer their services as their customers will have quite specific orders such as “red apples only” and “milk must be delivered in glass bottles”. Their customers will also no doubt have orders which do not change, week after week or they might make regular changes such as alterations to the order or even last minute cancellations. However, this level of flexibility can’t be at the expense of reliability as Company X would have to work each and every day of the year, just like their client-base. Client orders would be stored within the database and invoicing would be handled via integration with an accountancy app such as Sage. Delivery Orders would need to be produced as PDF documents and emailed automatically to each driver along with a detailed list of any changes between this week’s and last week’s order. Labels would also require automatic creation for any large / boxed goods and there’d be a need for complete control over delivery routes and emergency replacement drivers. Finally, the entire database would have to be backed up several times each day and a strategy would have to be in place in order to return the system to a previous backup in the event of an emergency. Fulfilling these requirements would require a database solution that is flexible, easy to use and it should also operate 24/7 with minimal fuss. Claris FileMaker can easily match all of these requirements as long as you have the right software developer - and that’s Flare Software. How do we know that Claris FileMaker and Flare are right for the job? Because we’ve already built this system, from the ground up and it has been in yearly operation.

Flare Logo

Claris FileMaker


  • Automatic production / emailing of PDF reports

  • Multiple daily backups

  • Security controls for user access ie limited access for some users, full access for others and everything in between

  • Automated calculation of point A to B distance using Google Maps

  • Integration with iPads for massive reduction in paper use

  • Full history of every item ever ordered by a client, within a driver route, within a given geographical area

  • Remote monitoring of the primary server functions and automated / immediate text messaging of any errors

  • Ability to alter orders after the event

  • Integration with Sage Accountancy s/w

James and Jon have a combined experience of over 40 years working with FileMaker across a variety of business markets. Healthcare, stock control, security, marketing, online sales, media - you name it, we’ve been there and we could be there for you too. So why not contact us and we could help you realise your dream of making your working life more productive, more profitable and just that little bit easier.

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