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FileMaker Go

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

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Apple are leading the way, both in smartphones and in tablet computing. Everyone and their wife seems to be sporting one of these devices these days, or, if not an actual iPhone or iPad, one of their imitators.

The mobile revolution has come to FileMaker too, with the arrival of FileMaker Go.

FileMaker Go allows users to access their FileMaker database software from their iPad or iPhone. And in this world of increasing mobile working practices, everyone seems to be jumping on the bandwagon.

Here at Flare we're seeing more and more requests for us to write specifically for FileMaker Go. The trend appears to be that more people are working remotely, either from home, or out on the road.

There's also an increasing number of companies operating a Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) policy that allows employees to use their own tablet, smartphone or laptop at work.

As FileMaker Go connects wirelessly to databases, records can be changed on the fly. In reality this means that employees are no longer tied to their desks, nor do they have to fill out paperwork while on-site and then update the electronic systems once back in the office. With a trusty iPad (or other iOS device) in their hands, changes are written right into the database.

FileMaker Go is helping people access their data or their business applications and software, from wherever there's wireless access or 4G phone coverage. That's a good thing and it's proving to be popular, too.

FileMaker apps are pretty malleable objects. Writing them specifically for use on iOS devices comes easily to us and we're employing these skills more and more as remote working really begins to take off. And with FileMaker Go being a free download the trend has no reason to stop.

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