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How Do We Create Software?

There are many tools available to a software developer, many languages and coding libraries - all suitable for a wide range of projects. At Flare Software, we use a relational database application called FileMaker (which is produced by Claris, a subsidiary of Apple), to create the software that suits the needs of your business. You may require a stock control database system or need invoices to be printed and emailed, you could be after a facility to produce complex financial reports or you might need to create a multifaceted payroll system. At Flare, we use Claris FileMaker to create bespoke software solutions that are tailored to the individual and specific needs of your business. How do we know this? Because we've designed and written solutions that cover all of the previously mentioned requirements and not just once but over and over, across many different businesses around the UK.

Claris FileMaker Databases

So what is a database and why do I need one?

We talk about software, software development and software applications but what we're really talking about are databases. You may have a requirement for creating healthcare questionnaires and reporting on the gathered information or you may want to record what your stock levels are for items in your warehouse. In either case you need a database. We might refer to it as software or as an app but at its heart, it's the storage of records which can be manipulated, duplicated, exported and reported on. That's a database. FileMaker provides the necessary database functionality so that we can design the software that you need.

Who do we create software for?

Pretty much anyone. From one person sole traders right up to medium sized businesses of around 100 people and of course, any business in between. We don't specialise in any particular type of business so our client list is very broad - if you can imagine a use for software, the chances are that we'll be able to design and create a working application that suits your needs.

FileMaker At Work

We’re certified software developers and we recommend Claris FileMaker

We use Claris FileMaker to create software applications and databases that run on Mac OS, Microsoft Windows and iOS. We love its flexibility: it means we can create software solutions that work on almost any desktop computer, laptop, iPad and iPhones, too. But why else do we recommend FileMaker for your business?

• FileMaker uses 256-bit encryption for storing and transferring files and the file itself can be encrypted at rest for optimal security. It offers countless configurations for users, privileges and account groups - if you have specific security requirements, FileMaker can almost certainly match or exceed them.

• FileMaker plays nicely with web browsers and can be accessed through Internet Explorer, Google Chrome,Apple Safari and Microsoft Edge. Got internet access? You can connect, wherever you are.

• A database running through FileMaker can be designed to use an iOS iPhone / iPad to record video and audio or to store many other different kinds of data, from signatures to QR codes, directly into your software system.

• Claris FileMaker is easy to integrate with your business and it works beautifully with REST APIs, JSON functions, cURL options, ODBC/JDBC support, External SQL Sources and SQL integration and many others.

• Lastly, FileMaker scales up when you need it - it can provide support for up to 500 simultaneous users and the maximum file size is a substantial 8 terabytes - that's simply enormous!

In short, it's hard to imagine a business of up to around 100 users, where FileMaker isn't a serious option.

FileMaker Calendar

We may be based in the South West of England in Somerset (specifically in Weston-super-Mare, south of Bristol) but we can create software for anyone in the UK. We've also written software for businesses in Germany, New Zealand, Switzerland and America. Software development is global and the only meaningful constraints are spoken language and time differences. Flare Software is here to discuss your business requirements - why not get in touch?

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