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It’s really very simple.

People work with us because they want their business systems to be streamlined, secure and straightforward.

If you run a business, you’ll likely know of the areas where you could do better, where your business processes could be changed to enhance efficiency and where some of the drudgery should be taken out of antiquated methods - but knowing where these areas are and how to tackle them are two very different things – that’s where we come in.

We will work with you to look for ways to improve how your business runs, to make it more efficient and to automate tasks that can be handled with greater speed and security using the right software.

We use Claris FileMaker to create, develop and maintain software that's written just for you and your unique business. Sure, there may be plenty of other business concerns offering a similar service, maybe even exactly the same service but although what they do might be the same, how they do it will be very different. That's why you can't expect to buy an off-the-rail software package and expect it to work as you need it. Why bother with a generic software solution that only solves some of the problems? Why not have software written just for your business, with your input into how it gets created?

*Formerly igeek Ltd, we changed our name in April 2022


It's about creating the best software for the job

Maybe you’re someone who knows that the complexity of your business processes are holding you back. Perhaps you’re an operational manager who can see a better way but needs a hand developing it. Or you’re a business owner who wants to crank things up a gear, without busting your resources or your budget. For most businesses, the right software for the job is essential for smooth and efficient operation of any number of daily tasks. Which industry or trade can run without a spreadsheet app such as Microsoft Excel or Mac OS Numbers. Who can get by without a decent word processor such as Microsoft Word or Mac OS Pages?

General use software like this is essential for any firm but what about software for YOUR business, software that is distinct and specific to how your unique business operates? That's where Flare comes in. We don't create generic apps nor do we produce off-the-shelf solutions and that's simply because that approach is never a solution, it's a stopgap, a temporary fix to tide a business over and it's cheap in the worst sense of the word. At Flare, we use Claris FileMaker to develop bespoke software and databases that fit the very specific requirements of how you run your trade, your business, your organisation.

At Flare we work very hard with the client to get as much information as we can before we produce an estimate.

​With the client's help, we work out what the goals are for any project and keep these in mind at every stage of development.

We use Claris FileMaker to write our software because it's highly flexible.

We communicate, with the client, with the client's IT team, and we keep everyone updated.

Software and database solutions are all about manipulating and transferring data and communication is key to that.

Using a Computer


Making your software easy to use

Programming Console


We write efficient and easy to maintain code

Business discussion


Keeping you informed


Bristol Old Vic Theatre School Play 'The Wicked Lady'


We worked closely with their team to create a Claris FileMaker database that integrated fully with their website. It meant they could process incoming applications, find student information simply, create any reports they needed and publish alumni data and photographs back to the website once courses had been completed.
They came to us with a single challenge but we ultimately automated around many different processes, offering them a single, simple, secure, stress-free way to store and use student data whenever they needed to.


Flare Software Ltd,
The Hive,
6 Beaufighter Road,
Weston-super-Mare, BS24 8EE

0330 113 0958

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